Βόλτα...στα στοκατζίδικα της Ελλάδας


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Addresses of stock-outlet shops

EGALEO, Thivon 281, tel. 210 5699767
N.FALIRO, FACTORY OUTLET, Pireos 76, tel. 210 4829576
FACTORY OUTLET, tel. 210 3541800
PERISTERI, EMPOLI OUTLET, Konstantinoupoleos 35, tel. 210 5785360
N. IONIA, EMPOLI OUTLET, Ifigenias 73, tel. 210 2772511

LARISA, Smart Outlet, 7ο km National Road Larisa – Volos tel. 2410 579474

TRIKALA, Factory Mall, 12ο km National Road Trikala – Karditsa, tel. 24410 82470

Map of Egaleo's shop:

Map of N. Faliro's shop:

Map of Peristeri's shop:

Map of N. Ionia's shop:

Map of Thessaloniki's shop:

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